Voices discussing:

Curated interactive films

Le Blog Documentaire

DocSHIFT Index | Documentary Organization of Canada

HonkyTonk blog | Projects

Inge de Leeuw | CreatorsProject

Interactive narratives

Internet native film

Sandra Gaudenzi’s Interactive doc blog (PhD)

Tribeca Film Institute New Media Fund  Interactive | New media

3Wdoc’s Analyse

Blogroll—film future

Indie wire | Interviews

MIPTV blog Beyond TV

Tribeca Future of film


Arnau Gifreu Castells

Connected documentary

DNA Symposium | Montreal’s Concordia University team

Florent Maurin | The pixel hunt

i-Docs | Arnau Gifreu Castells, Judith Aston, Mandy Rose, Sandra Gaudenzi

i-Docs Resources | Blogs, archives, tools, papers (also listed on this page)

Interactivedocumentary | Sandra Gaudenzi

Interactive documentary | Annabel Roux | Scoop it

Interactive narratives | Eva Dominguez | Scoop it

See also La Vanguardia blog by Eva Dominguez

The interactive filmmakers’ manifesto (see Internet native film) | Martin Percy

NFB Interactive and NFB blog

Outils de story-telling social | interactive storytelling tools by 3SingesProduction | Scoop it

Samuel Bollendorff | photojournalist, cowrote Journey to the end of coal with HonkyTonk

Simon Duflo

Vlog 4.0 | Adrian Miles


WebTelevision Observer


4D fiction by Wikibruce Web app developer Geoff May

Christy Dena | PhD

Dylan Schenker | CreatorsProject

MIP blog

Simon Staffans


Tracking trans-media by Siobhan O-flynn | Scoop it

The digital rocking chair by Fiona Milburn | Scoop it

You suck at transmedia | by Christy Dena and others


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