Remember me envisions next-gen social memory banks

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As prelude to game, this sci-fi story starts off in an Orwellian ‘1984’ and ends in 2084. Personal journal by the founder of Memorize Corp which creates and controls the SenSen brain implant for recording & sharing memories

Modular Cinema interviews creators of Dunkeswell war stories: NavMotion


Dream Machine Media/NavMotion’s Pete Davies and Phil Hall explain.

How did your latest project come about?

Phil – Well, Dunkeswell War Stories is about telling some of the stories of how people’s lives were changed. Many locals who were children in the war are now approaching old age, and the few surviving airmen are in their 90’s. Continue reading

Modular Cinema interviews creators of The Trip: The Kissinger Twins

The Trip is inspired by a real life event. The Kissinger Twins explain.

The Kissinger Twins are Kasia Kifert and Dawid Marcinkowski

How did your latest project come about?

The Trip is inspired by a real life event. During our holiday we randomly met a guy who introduced himself as Jack Torrance. He was a laid back 80-year-old with an unforgettable voice. He took us on a ride across Tutuila Island.  A passing comment we made about the NASA Mars project annoyed him, Continue reading

Modular Cinema presents creator of TryLife: Paul Irwin

TryLife is an ambitious interactive drama pulling in talent from the Youth, Education, Health, Media sectors in the UK. Paul Irwin explains.

My background was mainly focused on working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds both within media and traditional community work settings. I have worked with young people from all over the world and it was really this experience that spurred me on to develop TryLife. I could see so many attempts Continue reading

Crossover Lab 2013

There are currently only a tiny handful of multiplatform producers in the UK capable, not only of developing multiplatform concepts, but of overseeing the production of a project that plays over multiple platforms. (XO Multiplatform production toolkit Overview)

The organisers behind the Crossover Market or Devise 2 Deliver programme, restricted to 25 projects, are opening their doors to wider participation at a price tag of £250.

Crossover Lab, supported by Creative Skillset, takes place 22-25 January in central London. Aimed at independent producers, web and game developers from England this practical program promises Continue reading