Fracking explained

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A visually informed study of the extraction process, history and the environmental impact of fracking

Remember me envisions next-gen social memory banks

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As prelude to game, this sci-fi story starts off in an Orwellian ‘1984’ and ends in 2084. Personal journal by the founder of Memorize Corp which creates and controls the SenSen brain implant for recording & sharing memories

Iceland’s sagas

Iceland’s sagas, an interactive website with documentary trailer, conveys eight versions of the 14th century Grettir saga, mainly in text, not visually. The film element—in the form of a trailer and eight short artist impressions—in itself is minimal.

Gebrueder Beetz produced Iceland’s sagas, co-produced with ARTE and ZDF Continue reading offers very basic mouse click interaction with different videos. The stories crafted by drug users and sex workers in Montreal that can also be watched on a linear video channel (see for some video clips). follows on from an earlier iDoc on sex workers in Montreal and borders on docu-fiction, using real-life case to form a fictive story. An i-Docs interview with Rodrigue Jean, creator of, explains the process and context of the on-going project. was voted Website award winner of the day on 31 October 2011.