Touching stories, exclusively for mobile interaction

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Art of Pho, a traveller’s self-discovery

Art of Pho
About a character called Little Blue who finds himself in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where he learns to master the skill of making Pho, a popular noodle dish of the city. Continue reading

Modular Cinema interviews creators of The Trip: The Kissinger Twins

The Trip is inspired by a real life event. The Kissinger Twins explain.

The Kissinger Twins are Kasia Kifert and Dawid Marcinkowski

How did your latest project come about?

The Trip is inspired by a real life event. During our holiday we randomly met a guy who introduced himself as Jack Torrance. He was a laid back 80-year-old with an unforgettable voice. He took us on a ride across Tutuila Island.  A passing comment we made about the NASA Mars project annoyed him, Continue reading

Modular Cinema presents creator of TryLife: Paul Irwin

TryLife is an ambitious interactive drama pulling in talent from the Youth, Education, Health, Media sectors in the UK. Paul Irwin explains.

My background was mainly focused on working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds both within media and traditional community work settings. I have worked with young people from all over the world and it was really this experience that spurred me on to develop TryLife. I could see so many attempts Continue reading

Sufferosa – a satire on reversing age

The satire on this era’s obsession with youth, Sufferosa – Who is Rosa von Braun?  ends differently in each cinema screening.  Polish director, writer, editor and designer Dawid Marcinkowski (also part of London’s unit9) has given many live performances at film festivals. The interactive film noir inspired by J.L. Godard’s Alphaville, offers twenty locations, 110 scenes, 25 characters and three alternate endings.

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Addicts is a well-crafted interactive drama in the ‘urban social thriller’ genre, as ARTE describes it. It throws four characters into the media mix, a fictive Bordeaux neighbourhood Cité du Lac, one hundred video modules or 200 minutes shot during two months, made on a €1.18 million budget, of which €6,000 came from ARTE channel. Continue reading