Medium interactive

Medium interactivity

Cinematic interface user experience
separate mixed media windows, 2-3 non-linear story options


Addicts Vincent Ravalec and Lydia Hervel, Mascaret Films—click on episode or character—thriller iFiction


Amour 2.0 Auberi Edler and Cédric Delport—click on episode, game or test—iDoc


Attraction. Morimoto Koji/Anrick Bregman/Takayoshi Kishimoto—click or use webcam as directed—campaign anime iFiction


Beck says Hello, again. Beck & Chris Milk—use webcam or click on camera angle or sound system—interactive film, music concert


Block, The. SBS—click & roam in 360 degree photography panorama, day-night mode, character, timeline—iDoc


Screenshot (49)

Dunkeswell: War stories. NavMotion—click on theme, sub-chapter or resources—iDoc, learning


Into the Arctic. Hello Monday—click on chapter map, reports, photos & video—iDoc, cause


Journey to the end of coal. Samuel Bollendorff and Abel Ségrétin (Honky Tonk)—click on journey map or character Q&A—iDoc


Killing Lincoln. Mullen—click on time map or sidebar timeline —iDoc, learning


Lifesaver. Martin Percy, unit9—click on scenarios, stories & questions, guidelines—iDoc, learning


Moneyocracy room 501c4. Gerald Holubowicz & Jean Nicholas Guillo—click on data, character, chapter, TV ads or dates—iDoc, learning


Prison Valley. David Dufresne and Phillipe Brault (Upian)—use social media identity or click next episode to advance to next episode—road movie iDoc



Soul patron. Frederik Rieckher—click on destination or zoom-in or animated ‘guide’ surprise choice—travel iDoc


Sufferosa. Dawid Marcinkowski—click on map or character—thriller iFiction


Thanatorama. Upian—click on chapters or map of Web path nodes—sociological iDoc


TheTrip on iPad

The trip. Kissinger Twins—click on map—history iFiction, trans-media



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