Low interactive

Low interactivity

Visual meta-archives

linear progression, minimal interactive choice, carousel of video clips

Capturing reality. NFBi—browse by topic & film-maker—iDoc

Clouds over Cuba. Tool of North America—browse by chapter & media type (“your collected items”)—historical iDoc

Epopee.me. Rodrigue Jean—browse by character—docu-fiction

Hyperlocal. NFB—browse by writer, one of which is a contest winner—community iDoc

Iceland’s sagas (in French and in German). ARTE/ZDF/Gebrueder Beetz—browse by key word & location—meta-archive, trailer

Japan’s 2011 disasters. Harvard University’s Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies—meta-archive & user-generated community disaster iDoc

Screenshot (50)

Remember me. Bigballs Films for Capcom—browse by chapter—interactive journal sci-fi

Welcome to Pine Point. NFB—browse by chapter—community iDoc


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