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The MODULAR CINEMA website curates and categorises immersive web stories. We have stated our purpose: we are about archiving noteworthy interactive web films, leaving the critique to others. We showcase such examples in individual blogs on the Curated work page and in our gallery pages.

MODULAR CINEMA uses a simple formula where Web films are tagged by low to high levels of interactivity (low#imedium#i#immersive tags) and by animation, fiction or documentary genre. The golden middle rule holds its sway in this field too: most showcased films seem to belong to the medium interactivity category.

Feel free to disagree and share your thoughts in the comments on a particular post. Where we mention a trans-media story, the focus is on the interactive part.

Will 2013 and beyond see interactive Web film adopt more of the gaming logic?

Low interactivity

Meta-archive | linear progression, minimal interactive choice, carousel of video clips

See gallery


Medium interactivity

Cinematic interface | separate mixed media windows, director controls path, 2-3 non-linear story options

See gallery

High interactivity

Seamless cinematic interface | integrated media experience, user controls path, complex story choices

See gallery

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