About Modular Cinema

The Modular Cinema site is a mix of curation, classification and collaboration.

Our aim is simple: to shed light on interactive, non-linear story-telling and share good examples.

We highlight projects that are visually stunning, with a slick cinematic user interface. We tend to rank them on a sliding scale of immersive interactivity.

For our formula, see the Curated Gallery page.



Is visual story-telling another buzzword?

Modular story-telling enables audience engagement and an immersive user experience. Now what do we mean by ‘modular’?

Digital interactive story-telling segments a narrative in several self-contained modular paths. This pattern is eerily similar to the model adopted in commercial TV, which slices up (interrupts) TV shows to leave space (time) for their broadcast ad breaks.

Food for thought! Interactive stories might follow an ad-based business model.

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