Touching stories, exclusively for mobile interaction

Play with four different stories and interactive scenarios on an iPad.


Touching stories

iTunes download URL


Role of user


User experience

4 interactive short films

1st person character, film director or observer

FWA (Mobile of the day)

cinematic UI, full screen, medium interactive

New format headers ppl

The creators & producers

Tool of North America: Georgie Stephens (The most interesting couple in Britain), Jason Zada and Eric Joiner (All ends, ends all), Sean Ehringer (Sarah and Jerry) and Tom Routson (Triangle).
With Domani Studios

New format headers how

Interaction by

Structured by

Media used

iPad touch, shake or tilt

Story (4)

Film, music

Full access

iPad download via iTunes | HTML5

New format headers rd

June 2010

New format headers pla

US | English

New format headers why

Entertainment | Experimenting with new iPad (2010) and interactive film





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