Remember me envisions next-gen social memory banks

Screenshot (50)
As prelude to game, this sci-fi story starts off in an Orwellian ‘1984’ and ends in 2084. Personal journal by the founder of Memorize Corp which creates and controls the SenSen brain implant for recording & sharing memories
To develop Memorize’s purpose and SenSen’s features, such as ‘simultaneous incarnation’ or memory mash-up, Antoine Cartier-Wells ventures across continents, ending up in Neo-Paris and hands over to his son, in a sci-fi noir future where memories are shared and accessed like social media.
Screenshot (53)
Remember me


Role of user

User experience

Interactive sci-fi personal journal

Future journal reader-viewer

Cinematic UI, no full screen, low interactive

New format headers ppl

The creators & producers

Bigballs Films in collaboration with others

The publishers & funders

Capcom & Dontnod Entertainment

New format headers how

Interaction by

Structured by

Media used

Mouse click or touchpad

Chronological chapter (5) | Timeline not interactive

Graphic art, photography, video, audio, text

Full web access

Social media

Gaming levels



Facebook log-in | Tumblr, Facebook & Youtube

Unlock hidden/bonus content in 4 chapters

Action-adventure video game as final chapter 6 | Print comic to follow

New format headers rd

June 2013 | 10-11 months production & social media campaign

New format headers pla

UK | English

New format headers why

Entertainment | Brand campaign

Screenshot (51)

Screenshot (57)


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