Virtual trip back in time to Australian community The block

The block 1
About the history and community of Redfern’s Indigenous-owned housing precinct in Sydney, the Block, now facing redevelopment.

The Block: Stories From a Meeting Place


Role of user


User experience

Interactive documentary

Social observer, interviewer-researcher

W3 awards, numerous awards and nominations

Cinematic UI & creative design, no full screen, medium interactive

New format headers ppl

The creators

Poppy Stockell, Director | Matt Smith, Art Direction, Design and Development | SBS creative team | crew interviews

The publishers, producers & funders

SBS Online ‘in partnership with the Redfern Indigenous community’

New format headers how

Interaction by

Structured by

Media used

Click & roam in 360° panoramic photography

Panorama, day-night mode, character, interactive history timeline

SBS archive footage, photography, filmed interviews, timeline, motion graphic art

Full web access



4 Discussion topics: text comments

New format headers pla

Australia | English

New format headers why

Cultural heritage | Learning & educational

The block 2


The block 3




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