Art of Pho, a traveller’s self-discovery

Art of Pho
About a character called Little Blue who finds himself in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where he learns to master the skill of making Pho, a popular noodle dish of the city.

The art of Pho


Role of user


User experience

Interactive fiction, animation

Virtual traveller

People’s Lovie, FWA Site of day

Cinematic UI, no full screen, low interactive

New format headers ppl

The creators

Animation director: Lois van Baarle.Based on graphic novel by Julian Hanshaw.

The publishers, producers & funders

Submarine Channel

New format headers how

Interaction by

Structured by

Media used

Full web access

Mouse click

Episodes (8): self-discovery phases

Graphic motion art


New format headers rd

July 2011

New format headers pla

Netherlands | English

New format headers why

Entertainment | Learning


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