Moneyocracy room 501c4

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About the impact on American democratic election processes, following the 2010 Citizens United v. FEC Supreme U.S Court ruling and the rise of Super PACS during the 2012 U.S Presidential election.

Don’t miss the bonus video remix: Good night & good luck




Role of user

User experience

interactive documentary, transmedia

Journalist-political advertiser supporting a Presidential candidate

Cinematic UI design, no full screen option, medium interactive

New format headers ppl

The creators

 Gerald Holubowicz & Jean Nicholas Guillo

The producer

 Happy Fannie/Sandrine Girbal

New format headers how

Interaction by

Structured by

Media used

Mouse click

Casual gaming decisions, how to invest campaign money

Graphic art, data & charts, filmed interviews

Full web access





iDoc, documentary feature film, comic book

New format headers rd

7 January 2013/December 2012

New format headers mo

Production budget: est. $48,000 (Kickstarter campaign ask)

New format headers pla

US, France | English (French)

New format headers why

Learning & educational | Causes







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