Crossover Lab 2013

There are currently only a tiny handful of multiplatform producers in the UK capable, not only of developing multiplatform concepts, but of overseeing the production of a project that plays over multiple platforms. (XO Multiplatform production toolkit Overview)

The organisers behind the Crossover Market or Devise 2 Deliver programme, restricted to 25 projects, are opening their doors to wider participation at a price tag of £250.

Crossover Lab, supported by Creative Skillset, takes place 22-25 January in central London. Aimed at independent producers, web and game developers from England this practical program promises to:

  • Deliver fresh thinking about interactivity through user-centred design processes
  • Employ user-journeys as a tool for evaluating the success of interactive design
  • Enable you to articulate the inherent value of a project by defining and demonstrating an unsatisfied audience demand
  • Help you understand how to create pitch documents for a multiplatform project that you can take out to the market
  • Help you know what you need and when and how much it will cost to crew and build a multiplatform project

The key trainers will be Charlie Phillips and Mark Atkin from Crossover, plus 4 visiting experts to be confirmed in the very near future.

Full agenda and more details

Register here


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