Attraction – futuristic non-smoker campaign

Utterly stunning interactive anime Attraction compels viewers to use their mouse or webcam for gesture recognition to advance in the adventure. Attraction lets you choose original Japanese audio and French or English subtitles, connect via Facebook and use a Webcam to interact in the adventure story set in Tokyo in the year 2040.

Anime directed by Morimoto Koji and produced by Studio 4°C and the Attraction project co-produced by a French-UK team for a French health body  INPES in 2010, the film is a very creative non-smoking campaign bound to engage both sides of the smoking camp. The detailed case study by Interactive Director Anrick Brekman at Unit 9—same production house as Pine Point‘s The Goggles—describes the complex six-month making-of that produced this fascinating work.

Morimoto’s own Website, with a HTML5 version, is worth a visit too.


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