Try Life – UK attempts interactive drama

To interact on the Web or not: that seems the question in UK film-making still. While not much UK-made interactive film can be found on the Web, a Newcastle interactive drama is in the making: Try Life.

The story’s purpose is to educate a young audience on issues such as sex, drugs and violence. The Web fits the educational bill and adventure game-drama TryLife has its teaser page available on-line backed up by a Facebook and Tumblr blog campaign. A generic interface lets viewers scroll through the actors and the top page of episode one. To enter, viewers will have to log in with their Facebook account to proceed with any film content.

The concept was created in Newcastle by Paul Irwin and has a huge crew attached. Viewers or ‘players’ are invited to be directors whose choice changes the outcome of each episode. 26 endings have been shot and cut for episode one. Funding has come from Northstar Ventures, via the Finance for Business North East Proof of Concept fund, benefiting from European Regional Development Fund and the European Investment Bank support.



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