Sufferosa – a satire on reversing age

The satire on this era’s obsession with youth, Sufferosa – Who is Rosa von Braun?  ends differently in each cinema screening.  Polish director, writer, editor and designer Dawid Marcinkowski (also part of London’s unit9) has given many live performances at film festivals. The interactive film noir inspired by J.L. Godard’s Alphaville, offers twenty locations, 110 scenes, 25 characters and three alternate endings.

The interactive version of this neo-noir story about beauty, ageing and death works on 4 levels. Viewers act as detective and use a map of characters’ location—including oneself (the detective). Progression of the story is clearly indicated by a pointer-scale of each scene, highlighted by a key word. Additional ‘on-location’ information is also clickable. But upon trying to go back to a previous scene, that scene is no longer the same and consists of a different structure and key words. The mixed media in Sufferosa include video, animation, literature and music (Sonic Youth, et al.).


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