Bear 71 installation

Canada National Film Board’s amazingly creative ueber-documentary Bear 71 has garnered its admirers in social media, blogs and the press (Wired, WSJ’s MarketWatch etc). Part of a trans-media project, the Bear 71 website takes us to the edge of the interactive film experience, alternating between audio and map exploration, short film clips and our own musings or surveillance information.

Many experts have helped to create this work—that featured installations with further interactive options such as augmented reality—and included creators Jeremy Mendes and Leanne Allison, Lance Weiler on the social story. The opening tells us the documentary lasts 20 minutes but users can spend much more time in the immersive environment, with beautifully crafted 3D graphic and non-linear story design.

Bear 71 Installation Walkthrough on Vimeo.


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