Addicts is a well-crafted interactive drama in the ‘urban social thriller’ genre, as ARTE describes it. It throws four characters into the media mix, a fictive Bordeaux neighbourhood Cité du Lac, one hundred video modules or 200 minutes shot during two months, made on a €1.18 million budget, of which €6,000 came from ARTE channel.

The Addicts Web series enables browsing the film episodes by character or territory on a photographic city map, or simply in chronological order. The website mixes in video hosted by Dailymotion for each character and for the 16 web episodes. Characters use their own social networking tools, such as fictive personal profiles on Facebook, blog or dating site Meetic.

The project was created in 2010 by Vincent Ravalec and Lydia Hervel, produced by MASCARET FILMS and co-produced by ARTE France and PICTOR MEDIA, the Web concept produced by Websiteburo using Dailymotion’s HTML5 player for mobile phone access.


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