Soul Patron – a Japan travel iDoc

Soul patron offers viewers an endearing travel companion, Tokotoko on their virtual trip across Japan. Student Frederik Rieckher devised this interactive travel documentary with animated graphic design for his final Masters project. 

Rieckher’s 2010 entry in Amsterdam’s IDFA explains the experience:

“Soul patron is an interactive journey through Japan, guided by Tokotoko, an animated bunny that was once intended to be a gift for a baby that was stillborn. The journey begins at the Kamakura temple and leads via Tokyo and Osaka to the Mizuko Jiz house of prayer in Kyoto. The project consists of 34 scenes – in total more than six hours of video material.  At many of the locations, there is background information on social or religious matters, and Tokotoko also offers interesting facts”.

The iDoc was first published in 2010 on – sadly, the site was off-line for months as of February 2012.

The good news is, it’s back up in 2013.


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